Sunday, September 9, 2012

한국 스타일 (South Korean Style)

Thanks to PSY and his hit song "Gangnam Style", the dynamic South Korean modern culture is finally getting the attention it deserves. Though South Korean pop acts such as Dong Ban Shin Ki, Super Junior and Shinhwa and drama series have captured the hearts and minds of many people worldwide, none of the efforts have caught the public's eye as much as the song and the music video (Sorry Wonderfuls, "Nobody" didn't make it THIS BIG in such a short span of time).

The music video has spawned "parodies", with some of them depicting subcultures in other South Korean cities, such as Hongdae and Busan. Gangnam and Hongdae are both districts in Seoul, with the former known as the "Beverly Hills" of South Korea, and the latter known because of its youthful culture, thanks to the universities around it. Busan is an urban coastal area, known for its beaches and ports and equally colorful metropolitan culture.

So if you want to dip into South Korean culture and get good laughs, I suggest you check out these three videos.

강남스타일 (Gangnam Style)

홍대 스타일 (Hongdae Style)

부산 스타일 (Busan Style)

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