Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chateau 1771's 25th Anniversary and Book Launch

Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a book launch at the Ayala Museum last Saturday, May 18, 2013. Present during the event were owner Ricky Gutierrez and their reknowned and well-loved chef, Vicky Rose Pacheco.

I arrived late so I wasn't able to catch the program, but I'm thankful as I was able to taste the sumptuous food and meet the owners. I tried to stay away from the meat, but I knew I was kidding myself. I gave in. 

The book (which I read as soon as I got home), contained stories about the restaurants, endeared me as I have special memories tied to each 1771 restaurant experience (you can read them in my faith-based gratitude blog). My favorite was Portico 1771, sadly it was the one that closed shop. It's great though that all the other restaurants - Chateau, Sentro, Cafe 1771, WineBar and Sidebar are still up and running. If you haven't gone to any of those, I recommend you do! Thank you Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants for inviting me, and for continuously serving us great food and taking care of us through your excellent service! More power and blessings to you!


Event Wear:

For the event, I wore an electric blue bustier dress by Forever 21, shoes by T. My bag, necklace and earrings were from Liz Claiborne, Claire's and my mother, respectively.

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