Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Soirée Salon and Spa Experience

I wasn't really supposed to write again, but after this afternoon's wonderful experience, I figured that I just had to. 


Beauty complements fashion. Having a really great haircut or hairstyle or makeup accentuates the clothes, shoes and accessories that you're already wearing. And so I thought of also covering beauty stories in this blog, starting with today's entry.

Earlier this afternoon, I went to the salon my brother frequents for his haircuts, to get my own haircut. Like him, I wanted to have my own Korean-inspired haircut with sleek layers so I went there. 

The name of the salon is Soirée Salon and Spa. It's located at Katipunan Avenue, beside BPI and Ching Santos. It's small and a bit easy to miss so you have to look closely for its green store sign to find it.

I brought an issue of W Korea from last year to show the stylist a couple of photos of the cut I wanted. He showed me how it would look on me, and then I requested for him to make it shorter than the one in the magazine. Shortly after cutting my hair, he asked me if he was getting it right, and I said yes. He proceeded on until my haircut was done. He worked very quickly too and finished just in time for me to attend an afternoon gathering.

I was surprised to see my peg and new hairstyle look really similar, even with my prescribed length. It was the first time my hair was handled by a male hairstylist and he had gotten what I wanted right, through consultations with me and minimal fuss. I didn't get to take a lot of photos nor get to ask more information about the salon since I didn't plan on covering my experience, but I really enjoyed my first time there. I will definitely go back and avail more of their beauty and relaxation services!



Soirée Spa and Salon
Katipunan Avenue Extension, St. Ignatius Village, Quezon City

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