Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fashionable Travels: Coron, Palawan (Photo Set 2)

Here are some more photos of our trip in Coron, Palawan, courtesy of my friend, Jessa Peñaloza. My friends were not very keen on having their photos published so pardon if you only see me! The photos cover our first day and second day (we didn't have much night shots nor shots of our last day because we were in a hurry). Enjoy!


Where we stayed

How their tricycle looks like

Waiting for our boat at the Market Pier
(Striped Halter Dress with Cinched Waist by Cotton On, Sunglasses by Aldo, Green Canvas Bag by Limited Too)

Small, unnamed island where we had lunch
LUNCH! Crabs..

and Beef and Potatoes! YUM!
Entrance to Twin Lagoon

The entrance to the set of 400 rocky steps going to Kayangan Lake

View from the last step.

The magnificent view of Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake

Large underwater limestone formations

Me sporting a silly face after climbing down the steps
(Two-Piece Swimsuit by Cinderella, White Cover-Up bought at a bazaar, Navy Blue Flip-Flops by Banana Peel)

Maquinit Hot Springs

My breakfast - Danggit (dried fish) with Egg and Rice! Yummmm!

Going to Malcapuya Island

Malcapuya Island

Me posing with the magnificence of Palawan as the backdrop
(Black two-piece swimsuit with wooden ring detail from Sassa)
So that completes my Coron, Palawan blog posts. Thanks for viewing them! Keep reading Wear and Conquer!

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