Monday, May 23, 2011

May Magazine Photoshoot: SHINee for Elle Girl Korea and Japan

Korean male group SHINee (샤이니) is featured in this month's Elle Girl for Korea and Japan. SHINee's fashion stands out among the other boy groups for its (almost) perennial quirky and colorful nature. They almost never wear matching stuff as individual style is their trademark. Even when traveling or when they're dressed in suits, the boys always seem to wear something trendy and edgy. And who knew it'd get them far with the ladies? Member Jong Hyun or Jjong caught the eye of hottie Shin Se Kyung, whom he is now currently dating! Jong Hyun (종현), Onew (온유), Min Ho (민호), Tae Min (태민) and Key (키) are featured in an editorial that reflects their unique take on menswear.

Onew (이진기/온유), Taemin (이태민) and Min Ho (최민호)

Jong Hyun (김종현) and Key (김기범/키)

Onew (이진기/온유)

Jong Hyun (김종현)

Key (김기범/키)

Min Ho (최민호)

Taemin (이태민)

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