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News: How to look hot in your new pair of rain boots

Heavy rains hit Metro Manila earlier this evening as tropical storm Chedeng (Songda) entered the Philippines. It's the second tropical storm the country has experienced in two weeks, the first one being Bebeng (Aere). These storms signal the coming rainy season and serve as the cue for us to buy boots! Here's an article from the JoongAng Daily that gives tips on how to wear boots. Unlike here in the Philippines, South Koreans still shop for boots outside of the rainy and winter seasons. This article is for all boot-loving ladies not just in Asia but around the world.

How to look hot in your new pair of rain boots

To look slimmer in rain boots,
wear short pants or a mini dress.
By Kwon Hyuk-jae
Shoes are always a high priority for women when it is pouring rain. 

“It’s not easy to flaunt your stuff when it’s raining. In your everyday, worn-out shoes, you appear drab. But you do not want to wear your brand new shoes when it’s pouring,” said Lee Jung-yeong, 33. 

What’s a woman to do?

More women are putting rain boots on their shopping list, and those who already have a pair, might even be looking forward to a rainy day. 

Rain boots are no longer a burdensome and heavy pair of long rubber shoes. Brands such as Hunter, Aigle, Rockfish and Outsider have stepped up with designer boots. 

Prices range from 80,000 won ($74) to 300,000 won. 

“Compared to last year’s trend of black and dark blue colors, this year’s trend has been more about pink, purple, yellow and fluorescent colors,” said Kim Hoon-sung, Lotte Department Store accessories merchandising and shoes chief merchandiser. 

And vertically challenged women can breathe a sigh of relief now that high-heel rain boots have entered the market. 

Colorful designs have been incorporated in many of this year’s products. Some even have buckles and buttons, while Walker boots use laces.

Fashionable vs. unfashionable calves

“First, interpret your own clothing style,” suggests Hunter spokesman Kang Jee-young. 

For professionals, it is recommended to match a business-casual look with purple or greener dark-colored rain boots. 

For those in hot pants or miniskirts, try to match this bright look with bright-colored boots. 

For a more vintage look, wear light brown or khaki-colored boots with flower patterns on the side. 

A warning for those with thick calves: “If your calves are thick, instead of wearing pastel-colored boots like pink or sky-blue, go with chocolate, black or dark-colored boots to match your pants in order to pull off a long and skinny-legged look.”

It is important to consider the length of the boots upon purchase. 

Medium-length boots blend well with colorful clothing, giving off a cute appearance. 

Keep in mind that it is best to buy rain boots made from natural rubber because it has a firm flexibility that doesn’t stiffen up in cold environments; avoid those made from Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.

Baggy clothing plus rain boots is a no

When it comes to rain boots, the lack of a heal is always an issue. 

“For people to avoid this dilemma, it is best to wear leggings or skinny jeans, or clothes that are not baggy with the boots,” said Aigle spokeswoman Lim Yoo-ra.

As for tops, stay away from baggy clothing. 

Consider your rain boots as part of your entire outfit. Incorporate them into what you’re wearing, and vice versa.

For instance, the combination of a casual hooded shirt, a miniskirt and colorful rain boots gives off a bright and active appearance. 

But if you want to avoid the rest of your outfit distracting from your sexy new boots, wear a black or white achromatic top and skinny pants. You can also match the color of your pants to that of your boots. 

If you want to push the envelope, wear a scarf to match the color of the boots. 

Rain-boot maintenance

A new pair of rain boots can easily be ruined by just a second of negligence. In order to maintain the sturdiness and elegance of your boots, it is important to take care of them. 

First, wipe away any water still clinging onto the boots with a neutral detergent.

If the inside of the boots are filled with moisture or water, use a dry towel to wipe them dry. 

If your boots are made from rubber, it is important to dry them in shade, away from any direct sunlight. (Sunlight can damage or deform the material.) 

Finally, after the boots have completely dried, stuff newspaper into the boots to absorb any excess moisture and to keep the boots intact. 

By Lee Do-eun [estyle@joongang.co.kr]

Here are some rubber boot styles you can try out for the rainy season. Check them out at YesStyle or FashionSuzy:

Holly - P4330.50
Holly - P4980.07

7Color - 79,008 원/

Photos: YesStyle (1, 2) and Fashion Suzy

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