Sunday, July 24, 2011

Event: Ateneo de Manila University Dollhouse Miting de Avance

This year, I was lucky to witness the epic Dollhouse Miting de Avance held in Ateneo de Manila University, last 15 July 2011. I was taking a break from doing a paper when I saw a flurry of beautiful beckies preparing at the "Dollhouse Annex". That's when I remembered that that day was the day of Dollhouse's Miting de Avance and Elections. After seeing and chatting with old friends Patch and Nyko, I decided to pack my things up from the library, cram my paper later and head to the much-awaited event. 

(For those who do not know, the Dollhouse is an eleven-year old organization in AdMU for the LGBTQA crowd and anyone who shares their passion for love, laughter and the drive for acceptance and equality. But more than it is an organization, it is a family. Personally, it's one of the funniest and most endearing groups of people I've ever seen and interacted with.)

This year's Dollhouse Miting de Avance and Elections were different for many reasons. First was because of the different venue, second was because of the media and blogger coverage, and lastly because it was graced by none other than Goddess Mother Becky herself, Divine Lee! Former Queen Mothers and event hosts Erick Habijan and Patch Buenaventura together with the fabulous candidates vying for the positions of King Father, Lady GaGuard (Sargeant-at-Arms), F-Buddy (Treasurer), Sex-Gen (Secretary), Vice-Ganda (Vice-President) and the much-coveted Queen Mother (President) brought in the laughs through their advocacies for equality and acceptance. Divine Lee's ever-supportive boyfriend Victor Basa and celebrities Megan Young and Saab Magalona were also in the house!

Here are some photos of the event itself, featuring some of the best-dressed, blue-blooded and eagle-loving beckies (I wish I could have met them!):

Erick Habijan (Queen Mother 2007-2008) looked tres-fab with her neon color-blocked outfit and black heels.

Patch Buenaventura (Queen Mother 2009 - 2010) channeled mega corporate chic with her neutral-colored outfit, complete with sky-high heels. 

Auntie Fashion in the house!

Now, THAT's more like it!

Goddess Mother Becky Divine Lee! She looked absolutely beautiful in her "toned-down" outfit: a gold sequin mini dress and black heels. Ka-LUCA!

I totally loved La GaGuard candidate Rica's Ken doll necklace, fringed top and happy disposition all throughout her speech! Rica is from PARTIDO DYOSA.

Lady GaGuard candidate Fons was a captivating sight in her floor-length blue animal print dress. Very sophisticated! Fons is from PARTIDO PILITA.

Lady GaGuard candidate Nikki pulled out all the stops with her gothic tribal look, husky voice and killer platform. Nikki is from PARTIDO BALUR. (SHE WON!)

PARTIDO PILITA's F-Buddy candidate Cedie delivering her speech shoeless and in a headdress

PARTIDO BALUR's F-Buddy candidate Jebby should have won an award for improvisation. I call this the "FEROSH TRIBAL PAMBAHAY" look. (SHE WON!)

Rence, PARTIDO DYOSA's candidate for Sex-Gen wearing distressed jeans. Was she channeling nineties Janet Jackson ? I'm not sure, but I like where she decided to hook Ken!

Paolo, PARTIDO PILITA's candidate for Sex-Gen totally went for the Antelope look. Sadly, she took her black lace headpiece while giving her speech. Definitely one of the event's fashion highlights.

PARTIDO BALUR's Sex-Gen Candidate Gelo looked like a dark Moor traveler (history/geography much?) and came out with one of the longest and funniest speeches ever. (SHE WON!)
Auntie Fashion worn by PARTIDO PILITA's Vice-Ganda bet, JR!

PARTIDO BALUR's Josh Lao could give any Harajuku girl a run for their money. Her outfit was for me, the second fashion highlight. (SHE WON!)

PARTIDO PILITA's Mamu wore a rather simple outfit, and delivered a simple but heartwarming message.

PARTIDO BALUR's Mico Suba in her all-white outfit, inspired by queens and brides everywhere! Her outfit was regal beyond words and her speech brought the house down! (SHE WON!!!)

With host and educator extraordinaire, Erick!

She made things possible. Good job Nyko!
Sadly, I had to go home before the winners were proclaimed, but had load of fun nonetheless. Sorry if the photos are blurry, I took them using my mobile phone's camera and was laughing the whole time! Congratulations to PARTIDO BALUR for a landslide win (knew it'd happen before I left) and to the DOLLHOUSE for a very successful event! WINNUR KAYONG LAHAT!

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