Friday, May 27, 2011

Designers: Seoul 10 Soul at Blueprint 2011 in Singapore

Ten of the hottest rising South Korean fashion designers come together for "Seoul 10 Soul", a fashion project by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in partnership with the Seoul Business Agency. The designers were handpicked by five local judges and ten foreign judges among the 37 designers who participated in this year's Seoul Fashion Week.

The lucky 10 Korean Fashion Souls: standing left to right: Choi Bum Suk [최범석] (General Idea [제너널아이디어]), Kim Jae Hyun [김재현] (Jardin de chouette [쟈댕드슈에뜨]),  Lee Seung Hee [이승희] (Leyii [르이]),  Lee Suk Tae [이석태] (Kaal E. Suktae [칼이석태]), Lee Jae Hwan [이재환] (jaehwan*lee paris [재환이파리]) and Sheen Je Hee [신재희] (Jehee Sheen [재희신]) sitting left to right: Kim Jae Hwan [김재환] (ALANI [알라니]), Steve Jung and Yoni Pai [정혁서& 배승연 ] (Steve J and Yoni P [스티브제이요니피]), Ko Tae Yong [고태용] (Beyond Closet [비욘드클로젯]) and Kim Sun Ho [김선호] (Ground Wave [그라운드웨이브]).
The ten designers are set to promote South Korean fashion by touring around the world and showcasing their collections in top fashion hubs around the world such as London, New York and Paris. Last 20 May 2011, the designers participated in Blueprint 2011 as part of the 2011 Asia Fashion Exchange held last 13 - 22 May at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Here are their collections as reported by Singapore's Razor TV:

After doing promotional activities overseas for a year, one among the ten will be chosen as the "Star Designer", will recieve government support, take part in the 2012 Paris Collection and build a showroom there. To view more of their collections, visit the official Seoul 10 Soul website and the designers' websites indicated below. You can also interact with the designers themselves via social media.

With that, I wish all the designers luck as they help Asian designers break fashion barriers beginning this year - and hopefully, beyond!

Source: Korea Times
Videos: Straits Times Razor TV 1, 2

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