Thursday, May 12, 2011

Event: Busan Pret-a-Porter Fashion Show 2011

The Busan Pret-a-Porter Fashion Show presented by OhBoy! Magazine and PFIN and hosted by DailyProjects was held at the BEXCO in Haeundae from 4 -6 May 2011. The fashion show featured the Fall/Winter collections from top Korean and foreign designers. Korean designers Tae Yong and Chang Kwang Hyo were featured for men’s wear, while Lee Yeong Hee, Lee Mi Kyung and Kaal E Suktae showcased their collections for women’s wear and Park Chul Hong for unisex fashion. Foreign designers and brands mostly came from Asia, namely Aguri Sagimori and Christian Dada from Tokyo, Japan, FFIXXED from Shenzhen, China, WhereWhatWho from Shanghai, China. One designer came from Europe, namely Danielle from London in the United Kingdom. Designer Aguri Sagumori stated that his collection was inspired by 'peeling garments', while the color red was featured in other collections, namely those of Kaal E Suktae, WhereWhatWho and Christian Dada.

Here are some photos from the Fashion Show:

Lee Yeong Hee:

Tae Yong/Beyond Closet:

Park Chul Hong:

Aguri Sagimori:

Christian Dada:

Danielle Scutt:


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