Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make-Up: Etude House Aloha Collection

Summer's coming to a close in the Philippines and will be starting in a month in South Korea. Either way the sun goes, you can look pretty and bright with Etude House's Aloha Collection:

For the eyes:

Aloha Tropical Eyes 48 Color Palette (알로하 트로피컬 아이즈 48색)

Regular Price/판매가: 20,000원 
Pink Members' Price/핑크회원가: 18,000원

Aloha Glittering Sherbet Eyes (알로하 글리터링 샤벳 아이즈)

Regular Price/판매가: 7,000원 
Pink Members' Price/핑크회원가: 6,300원

Aloha Color Art Pen (알로하 컬러 아트 펜)

Regular Price/판매가: 7,500원 
Pink Members' Price/핑크회원가: 6,750원

Aloha Two Two Kiss Eye Color and Lip Tint Duo (알로하 투투 키스)

Regular Price/판매가: 7,500원 
Pink Members' Price/핑크회원가: 6,750원

Aloha Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara (헤나픽스 프루프10 방수카라)

Regular Price/판매가: 12,000원 
Pink Members' Price/핑크회원가: 10,000원

For the lips:

Dear Darling Tint (알로하 디어 달링 틴트)

Regular Price/판매가: 4,000원 
Pink Members' Price/핑크회원가: 3,600원

For the face:

Aloha Ice Sherbet Primer (알로하 아이스 샤벳 프라이머)
Regular Price/판매가: 11,000원 
Pink Members' Price/핑크회원가: 9,900원

Aloha V Slim Line Maker Powder (알로하 V라인 슬림 메이커)

Regular Price/판매가: 14,000원 
Pink Members' Price/핑크회원가: 12,600원

Available online and in Etude House store locations across South Korea, in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan. Click here to find the branch nearest you!

Price Information Source: Etude House Online (Korean)
Photos: Bloggang

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