Tuesday, May 10, 2011

People: 5 Hallyu (한류) Fashion Icons according to Chinese K-Pop Fans

Korean website TVDaily recently asked 14,547 Chinese K-Pop fans from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan via an online poll in its Chinese language webpage KoreaStarDaily, "Who is the best 'unique fashion' Hallyu (한류) idol?

The results were as follows:

지드래곤/G-Dragon - 37.21%

Only G-Dragon can wear something as fab as this for a trip to the dentist.
키/김기범/Key Kibum - 25.58%

Tangerine #tigerblood Key is #winning.

김현중/Kim Hyun Joong - 13.15%

Kim Hyun Joong rocking sunglasses at the airport like a senior idol should

믹키유천/ Mickey Yoochun - 12.23%
Micky Yoochun sporting rugged 'Airport Fashion'

김재중/Kim Jaejoong - 11.83%
Not everyone can carry a ripped black cardigan, only a few people like Hero.

News Source: allkpop

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