Sunday, May 8, 2011

Parents' Day Gift Ideas (어버이날 선물)

8 May is a special day for Koreans as it is the day in which they commemorate both their mothers and fathers. 8 May is Parents' Day. Traditionally, little children would give their parents (and other parent figures) red or pink carnations as a sign of their love and devotion. However as they grow up, many of them opt to honor their elder loved ones with longer-lasting versions by giving them carnation brooches. 

Here are some styles you can choose from for your eomma (엄마) & appa (아빠) (Some items are discounted/일부 제품은 할인된) :

(Only CJMall Members get 5% Discount/회원 전용 할인 - 할인 5 %):

Regular: 3900원
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Regular: 9900원
Sale: 9410원

Regular: 7900원
Sale: 7510원

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Sale: 14600원

Regular: 13300원
Sale: 11660원

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Regular: 40000원
Sale: 9900원

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