Thursday, May 19, 2011

Store: Koboi

Koboi is a local streetwear store owned by the legendary musician Rico Blanco. Rico Blanco was veteran Filipino rock band Rivermaya's guitarist turned lead vocalist. A couple of years ago, he left the band to go solo. He achieved and is continuing to achieve more success not just in music, but also in acting and now fashion through Koboi.

Rico Blanco in Koboi shirt for Status Magazine
What is "koboi"? Koboi is a Filipino slang term derived from the English word "cowboy" and is used to describe a person who is fun-loving, easygoing and true to himself or herself. Koboi's tagline is "stay true + live easy" - an adage which kobois adhere to in life. Here are some photos of Koboi gear which is mostly composed of t-shirts, tank tops, jeans and canvas bags. I like the fact that they have a line of jeans, as there are very limited choices for us here. Photos are taken from their Facebook site.

Koboi is located at:
3/F Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila

You can visit Koboi's Facebook site and follow on Twitter. You can order online via their Facebook page.

Photos: Koboi Facebook, Status Magazine Online

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