Thursday, June 9, 2011

K-Pop: SME Artists' Airport Fashion for SMTOWN Paris (Incheon - Paris) Part I

Last 7 June 2011, SMTown artists f(x) [에프 엑스], SHINee (샤이니) and DBSK (동방신기) traveled to Paris for the SMTOWN Paris Live Tour that will be from 10 - 11 June 2011. Here are some photos showcasing their airport fashion.

f(x) [에프 엑스] members Amber (앰버), Luna (루나) and Krystal Jung (크리스탈). Amber (앰버) is wearing her signature boyish look while Luna (루나) looks cute in pastels and neutrals. Krystal  (크리스탈) looks semi-edgy in this black-and-white ensemble.
f(x) [에프 엑스]'s Choi Sulli (설리). Sulli (설리) sports a classic look with a navy sweater, dark teal shorts and messenger bag.

SHINee (샤이니) members Onew (온유), Tae Min (태민), Jong Hyun (종현), Key (키) and Min Ho (민호). While Onew (온유) goes for the preppy look and Min Ho (민호) sports a sleek, casual ensemble, Tae Min (태민), Jong Hyun (종현) and Key (키) decide to go over-the-top trendy. And as always, it works on them!

Fashion changes as you age. Senior idol group DBSK members Yun Ho (유노윤호) and Max Changmin (최강창민) still look great, but sport much tamer looks than their SHINee dongsaengs.
I will be posting photos of Girls' Generation in their airport fashion ensemble shortly.

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