Thursday, June 9, 2011

K-Pop: SME Artists' Airport Fashion for SMTOWN Paris (Incheon - Paris) Part II

Girls Generation (소녀시대) members sported various styles as they headed to Paris last 7 June 2011 for the upcoming SMTOWN Tour Live in Paris which will be held from 10 - 11 June 2011.

Girls Generation. Seo Hyun (서현), Jessica (제시카), Yoo Na (윤아), Tiffany (티파니), Yu Ri (유리), Sunny (써니), Soo Young (수영), Tae Yeon and  Hyo Yeon (효연).
Here's what I think of each of the girls' style. SONEs who are reading this, please do not get offended. These are my opinions and are not meant to bash the girls.

I absolutely loved Tae Yeon (태연)'s style. Her ensemble is first on the list. Her light mauve top with large black ribbon detail and off-white platform boots embodied cuteness and chic at the same time. Second on my list is Yu Ri (유리)'s nineties grunge look which fits her boyish, edgy charm. It's been a while since I've seen someone with a shirt tied to the waist, and thankfully, Yu Ri (유리) carried it well. I liked Hyo Yeon (효연) 's geeky kidult look too. Sunny (써니), Soo Young (수영) and Yoo Na (윤아) played a little safe by wearing sophisticated, ladylike outfits. I guess they were a bit too conscious of what the public and the media were going to say. Tiffany (티파니) looked less ladylike because of her boots but still wore something that is becoming a little too safe now. Jessica (제시카) and Seo Hyun(서현)'s styles were the ones that I liked the least. Jessica (제시카) looked somewhat messy - I dub her look "Rushing-to-a-magazine-staff-meeting-in-New-York" look. Asymmetrical hemlines are supposed to make you look young and trendy, but in her case it didn't. Lastly, Seo Hyun (서현)'s tasseled top also seemed so random. It's like something I'd pull out of my closet in haste.

Photo: Newsen

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  1. I love Yoona's Korean fashion. It's stylish. Actually all of them were stylish but I love Yoona's the most. Their shoes were pretty too. Well great post!