Thursday, June 9, 2011

K-Pop: SME Artists' Airport Fashion for SMTOWN Paris (Incheon - Paris) Part III

Super Junior (슈퍼 주니어) members Lee Teuk (이특), Hee Chul (희철), Ye Sung (예성), Shin Dong (신동), Sung Min (성민), Eun Hyuk (은혁), Ryeo Wook (려욱) and Kyu Hyun (규현), together with f (x) [에프 엑스] member Victoria (빅토리아) flew from South Korea to Paris today, 9 June 2011 for the SMTOWN Live in Paris Tour from 10 - 11 June 2011. Super Junior members Dong Hae (동해) and Si Won (시원) flew from Tao Yuan Airport in Taiwan today as well.

Lee Teuk (이특)

Ye Sung (예성)

Ryeo Wook (려욱)

Shin Dong (신동)

Eun Hyuk (은혁)

Sung Min (성민)

Hee Chul (희철)

The usually stylish Lee Teuk (이특) opted for a much simpler look this time, as with Ye Sung (예성), Ryeo Wook (려욱) and Kyu Hyun (규현). Shin Dong (신동) looked adorable in his bright yellow checkered shirt and animal print sneakers and backpack. Hee Chul (희철), Eun Hyuk (은혁) and Sung Min (성민) were the most stylish among the lot, as they were really dressed to travel. Hee Chul (희철) wore a navy blue jacket with light teal pants and sneakers, while Eun Hyuk (은혁) wore a red jacket, white tank top and fringed and ripped stone-washed denim shorts. Sung Min (성민) wore an oversized black and white shirt with grey skinny jeans and a printed cap.

Victoria (빅토리아) managed to look sexy and street with a dark blue blouse and hoodie paired with cream stilettos and grey hobo bag.

Photos: Newsen, sup3rjunior and Hee Chul's YFrog

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